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Mo. Public Service(800) 303-0752
Platte Clay Electric Cooperative(816) 628-3121
AMEREN UE(800) 552-7583

Mo. Gas Energy (816) 756-5252, or call 800-582-1234
Ferrell Gas800-882-9045
Tri-County Propane(800) 869-9506

Southwestern Bellfor billing info (800) 246-9494
Move or change service(800) 246-4999
Repair service 24 hours(800) 734-7590
Residential(800) 222-0300
Business(800) 222-0400
Maintenance & Repair(800) 222-3000
Sprint(800) 788-3500
EXOP of Kearney(816) 903-3967

Public Water Supply Dist. #2(816) 781-1454
As a customer service enhancement, the finance department has acquired email addresses for water customers based on water bill cycles.
The e-mail addresses are: Cycle 1, if your account number begins with a one (1),, and Cycle 2 , if your account number begins with a two (2), Customers may now e-mail at their convenience with their questions or comments.

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